Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth which look, feel, and function like natural teeth.  When injury, tooth decay, congenital abnormalities (missing permanent teeth) or periodontal disease results in the loss of a tooth, a dental implant can be a very good treatment solution. Dental implants are replacement tooth roots placed in your jaw to support a crown, bridge or denture made to match the color of your natural teeth or brighter if desired. If you are considering dental implants, please call Dr. Shack for a consultation. Most patients say that there is very little discomfort involved in the treatment resulting in durable teeth that, with good oral care, can last a lifetime. Implants function just like your own teeth, allowing you to eat and drink your favorite foods and beverages without pain.


The ideal dental implant candidate is in good general health with healthy gums and an adequate amount of jaw bone. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Shack is the best way to learn if you are a candidate for dental implants. As a periodontist, Dr. Shack specializes in the gums and underlying bone, precisely where dental implants are placed. She has the training and expertise in dental implants to help you smile, eat, laugh and talk with teeth that look and feel like your own.


Dr. Shack will first consult with you to form a treatment plan tailored to your needs. The number of teeth that need replacement will determine your treatment options. A single missing tooth may be replaced with a single dental implant without altering your healthy adjacent teeth. Multiple missing teeth or missing a full arch of teeth opens the door to a few different options. Adequate bone to support implants is important to long term success. When bone is inadequate, grafting may need to be done either before or along with implant placement. Dental implants can prevent adjacent teeth from being cut down for a traditional bridge. They can also hold loose dentures in place to prevent pain and embarrassment while speaking and eating in front of others.


Just like teeth, implants require brushing and flossing to keep them clean. Dr. Shack will review home care techniques with you and recommend brushes especially made for cleaning around implants. She will also recommend a recall schedule for your professional dental cleanings and exams which play an important role in your oral health.


  • attractive, youthful smile

  • full chewing ability

  • preserves healthy adjacent teeth and jawbone

  • maintains bone

  • prevents wrinkles by maintaining facial support

  • self-confidence doing the things you like to do

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